Birthday Squirrel

Between my friends and family February through July is birthday season. You’ve seen a scarf and Yoda so far; but today I’m going to talk about the amigurumi squirrel that I made for Ryan. I selected  Boris the Red Squirrel  from Edward’s Menagerie (pgs 94-95) to make for Ryan. I bought Premium Chinchilla and Premium Gingerbread yarn from Jo-Ann’s. Pages 14 and 15 of  Edward’s Menagerie give sizing instructions for … Continue reading Birthday Squirrel

Crocheting for four months: looking back

Brian and I began crocheting in January. I don’t recall the exact date, but  I would wager it was about halfway through the month. This probably means I’m a week or so away from having been crocheting for a third of the year. In this time I’ve made a number of scarves, mittens, hearts, cat crowns, an amigurumi Yoda, a dish cloth, and completed a few … Continue reading Crocheting for four months: looking back

The Force Does Not Awaken

For those of you who are also following us on twitter you’ll know that I have been working on an amigurumi Yoda. What you likely didn’t know is that Yoda is part of a birthday present for my friend Chris. His birthday is on the 14th, but we won’t be getting together until the 31st or so prioritizing Yoda wasn’t critical. Even so I wanted to have … Continue reading The Force Does Not Awaken