Soft Socks

Welcome back all, I hope you’re enjoying the regular updates from both Brian and Myself. Last week I talked about transformational mittens I’d made for Cacia, so it seems a fitting transition to talk about another gift I made for her this week. Today I’m going to talk about the socks that I made for Cacia as her Christmas present. Not long before Christmas I … Continue reading Soft Socks

The greatest thing I’ve ever Made: Tote bag Edition

Okay, if you don’t like people bragging, STOP NOW!!  What i’m about to show you is by far the best thing I’ve ever crocheted, and I’m not afraid to be braggadocious. We do a Christmas Gift Exchange between all the siblings and spouses on my wife’s side of the family.  I decided that If I got one of the sister’s, I was going to crochet … Continue reading The greatest thing I’ve ever Made: Tote bag Edition

Christmas Blanket: Biggest project yet!

I decided that I was going to make Christmas presents; what I didn’t realize was that I needed to start in July on them if I didn’t want to be making things until Midnight for 30 days straight. The list of Crochet Projects I decided to conquer included: A blanket for my Mother in law A tote bag for My sister in Law And two … Continue reading Christmas Blanket: Biggest project yet!

Birthday Squirrel

Between my friends and family February through July is birthday season. You’ve seen a scarf and Yoda so far; but today I’m going to talk about the amigurumi squirrel that I made for Ryan. I selected  Boris the Red Squirrel  from Edward’s Menagerie (pgs 94-95) to make for Ryan. I bought Premium Chinchilla and Premium Gingerbread yarn from Jo-Ann’s. Pages 14 and 15 of  Edward’s Menagerie give sizing instructions for … Continue reading Birthday Squirrel

Hooks on a plane: The Race against a Jet

I have been on a quest: a quest for a men’s hat that wasn’t a beanie.  I’ve been looking for a pattern for a while and have had some pretty epic failures.  I wear “Ben Hogan” Style hats a lot, and have thought that it shouldn’t be that difficult to make one. Alas, finding a good pattern has been elusive.  I tried a couple on … Continue reading Hooks on a plane: The Race against a Jet