Soft Socks

Welcome back all, I hope you’re enjoying the regular updates from both Brian and Myself. Last week I talked about transformational mittens I’d made for Cacia, so it seems a fitting transition to talk about another gift I made for her this week. Today I’m going to talk about the socks that I made for Cacia as her Christmas present. Not long before Christmas I … Continue reading Soft Socks

Christmas Blanket: Biggest project yet!

I decided that I was going to make Christmas presents; what I didn’t realize was that I needed to start in July on them if I didn’t want to be making things until Midnight for 30 days straight. The list of Crochet Projects I decided to conquer included: A blanket for my Mother in law A tote bag for My sister in Law And two … Continue reading Christmas Blanket: Biggest project yet!

Crocheting for four months: looking back

Brian and I began crocheting in January. I don’t recall the exact date, but  I would wager it was about halfway through the month. This probably means I’m a week or so away from having been crocheting for a third of the year. In this time I’ve made a number of scarves, mittens, hearts, cat crowns, an amigurumi Yoda, a dish cloth, and completed a few … Continue reading Crocheting for four months: looking back