Sorry to disappoint all you people who were looking for a porn site.  Trust us, you do not want either of us in a porn movie.  Here’s a little info about the male hookers:

Happy hour is the perfect time for drinks, Apps, and Crocheting.
Happy hour is the perfect time for drinks, Apps, and Crocheting.

Brian (on the left):  I own a musical instrument repair shop in Denver and House Aaron in My basement.  I love to play games including MAgic: The Gathering and anything else of the table top variety.  I spend a lot of time working on my house, and playing with my Daughter, Emily, and my mutt, Sawyer.  I originally started crocheting as a kind of hand therapy, but I love making gifts for people and learning what amazing things you can do with a simple piece of yarn.  My wife, Deanna, is infinitely patient with my nerdiness and tolerates my quirky hobbies.

Aaron (on the right): As my early posts mention I’m 6’5”. I’m a nerd both in my personal life (I play Magic the Gathering and Pathfinder … need I say more?) and in my professional life. I use my dual masters degrees (MA: Linguistics, MA: Forensic Linguistics) by teaching at the Community College or Aurora. I use none of my academic skills when I serve tables on the weekend to supplement my income.  I’m also a type one diabetic … diagnosed when I was 2 years old.

I started crocheting in mid January of 2016, shortly after Brian. When I’m not working or working on a project you can find me playing a variety of table top games, video games, reading,


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