USS Enterprise NCC 1701

Cam’s Bedroom: The final frontier
These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise
Its 5 year mission
To boast geekdom
To act as contraceptive, for new life and new companionship
To boldly go where no man has gone before

So if it isn’t obvious to you at this point, I’m a Geek. I’m a fan of Magic the Gathering, Star Trek … well let’s just say I like good Syfi and Fantasy in general. I’ve talked about crocheting while watching Star Gate, making Star Wars and Magic the Gathering themed items, and I’ve hinted that I made the Enterprise for Cam. Well this is that article.
To solidify my geekdom I will say I’ve seen every Star Trek movie, and seen every episode of the four series above – I never did get into the animated series. Cam sits an a pretty similar boat when it comes to fandom of the series.

Prior to having all of my Christmas gift planes ironed out Cam was re watching Next Gen. I took a look on what Ravelry had to offer in terms of Star Trek patterns, and there are numerous patterns. The one that really caught my attention was the USS Enterprise by Andrea Bruce. Andrea laid out a well organized pattern, told a story of her time as a crocheter, and had an ascetically pleasing design. I ended up printing out the pattern, recognizing that this would be Cam’s gift.

Not to long after I found the pattern I found myself on the phone with Cam, and holiday gifts had come up as a topic of conversation. Cam had told me that I didn’t need to get anything for him. I asked who else I was supposed to make a stuffed Enterprise for, to which Cam decided that a holiday gift would be appreciated. In fact I belive there was a promise that Cam would hang the Enterprise from above his bed, so that it  may serve as de facto contraception – and being the good friend I am, how could I not make the Enterprise for him after a comment like that.

So I got to work on the Enterprise. In fact I would send Cam updates from “Space dock” on the level of completion of his ship. He’d get messages like ‘Space dock confirms completion of the second warp nacelle’. You can see some of Space Dock’s progress below.


What Space Dock did not do a good job of was following instructions. Andrea’s pattern calls for the use of a E hook, where I thought I’d go big, and was using a G hook. This turned out to be a mistake. Even with the incorporation of wire the Enterprise would not keep its shape after I assembled all of its parts. At this point I decided that the project would look better if the ship were to be hung from a ceiling, and Cam and I had already joked that it would be going over his bed.

Hanging the ship did help, but as you can see, there were still some problems with proportion and how they are spaced out. I didn’t feel like the ship was a high enough quality to stand by itself, so I also made Cam an Around the Post Hat.

Fortuitously, Cam enjoyed both the Enterprise and the hat! It currently is hanging in his room. It was on his fan, but apparently the ship does better at warp, than it does in orbit …

All in all I’m calling this project a slight failure, and a reminder that I should keep my Amigrumi projects smaller – especially after Ryan’s Squirrel.

Have any of you made projects that didn’t set well due to size?


2 thoughts on “USS Enterprise NCC 1701

  1. That’s amazing! And yes, anything that’s going to be stuffed and needs to hold its shape definitely needs a tight gauge. That, plus the sewing, tends to put me off making stuff like that.


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