Holiday Hats

In addition to a dice bag, socks and the enterprise (more to come) I made a series of hats for the holiday season. While I chose various variegated yarns, and flair – poms and flowers, these hats were all based on the around-the-Post Hat from the One-Skein Wonders book.

Kristin received a grey hat with a pom on the top, and her husband Chris received a hat made in a variegated pattern without any flair. You can see the development of Kristin’s hat, as well as the couple in their gift in the photos below.

I made my brother, Moshe a solid blue cap. His girlfriend Jenn one with a variegated yarn, and a flower pattern that came from the Openwork Baby Cap pattern in  One-Skein Wonders.

Cam was the final recipient of an around the post hat this holiday season. You can see he looks much more dashing in it than I do.

Everyone enjoyed their holiday hats. I know that Cam has been known to wear his on cold days at work, and that Moshe and Jenn were both in the market for a new hat.

For the blog’s long time followers, you may remember that my first post was on a large scarf that I’d made for myself. The scarf was created with two skeins of Fall Red Heart Yarn. My stash has one more skein of Fall Red Heart, which I plan on turning into another Around the post hat. This way I’ll have a matching hat and scarf combo.

Have any of your old projects inspired new ones?


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