Soft Socks

Welcome back all, I hope you’re enjoying the regular updates from both Brian and Myself. Last week I talked about transformational mittens I’d made for Cacia, so it seems a fitting transition to talk about another gift I made for her this week. Today I’m going to talk about the socks that I made for Cacia as her Christmas present.

Not long before Christmas I was at Cacia’s house and we were talking while she was going through her laundry. It turned out that most of her socks had holes in them, and she was upset about her socks. I decided that it would be cute if I were to get her socks, so I picked up bundled pair before I saw her next, so that I could giver her a small, but practical present. I also let her know that I would crochet her a pair of socks after I finished getting ready for the Michael J. Fox Foundation fundraiser we were a part of. Which gave me a few weeks to come up with a game plan for how I was going to make a pair of socks, when I hadn’t made any beforehand.

A few weeks latter I was at Jo Ann’s getting yarn for hat’s that I would make as holiday gifts (more on that to come), when I found sock weight yearn that had a fair concentration of purple, Cacai’s favorite color. Naturally I bought a few skeins. Later that week I was at Michael’s picking up supplies to make an Xmas gift for Cam (more on that latter), when I found a book entitled I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks, and I picked it up, hopping I’d find a pattern that would work well as a gift for Cacia. It looked like her gift was coming along, and this was a few weeks before Christmas.

After much deliberation I decided on the Ankle Socks pattern (pgs. 12-14). I got to work and finished the first sock in a few days. I really enjoyed the pattern the variegated yarn made, and was quite pleased with  overall look of the socks. The second sock took a little less time, but when all was said and done the two socks took in the neighborhood of 16 hours to complete.

I wrapped the socks up and was able to give them to Cacia as a Christmas present. You’ll notice her father is in the background, as we celebrated at her parent’s house. Cacia was very pleased with the socks, and her mother seemed to be impressed with them as well.


I really enjoyed the project and can see myself making another pattern from the book in the future. I think this was a good first attempt at socks, despite the fact that they do not mirror each other exactly. I belive this has to do with variegation of the yarn. Do any sock aficionados know what I can do to more closely match the next pair I make?



4 thoughts on “Soft Socks

  1. Usually what I do (the times I want my socks to actually match properly, I don’t always) is cake the yarn. If I have 2 balls, it’s easier, if you have to use one then you’ll have to find your halfway point, then cut and cake two pair. Then you need to make sure you start with the same color on both socks (obviously you need to not just start with the same color, but the same length of it, too. 1″ or purple on one sock vs 6″ on the other does not a matched pair make).
    I hope that made sense…


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