Hooking on the Road:Colorado Springs

Once again, we’re on the road.  We were once again in Colorado Springs for a Teacher conference, and I try and find a yarn store while I’m in the area.  We stumbled upon a great shop with a pun-tastic name.

I present to you, the gem of the knitting community in Colorado Springs; Ewe & Me.

I LOVE this place.  the husband and wife owners are amazing.  from the second we walked in they were telling us all about the store and asked about projects and what we were working on.  There’s a HUGE work table in the middle of the room with super comfortable chairs.  I wish I had more time to sit down and work for a while but we were just passing through.  They have a great welcoming committee with a very friendly dog, and the other ladies working on projects were awesome.


They had a great area with local yarns, and a great selection of different types, colors and weights.  they also have some local artists making cool knitting accessories for them.  This is one of my favorites.


As we got to talking, they absolutely cracked up about male hooking.  they loved my tool bag and Dewalt Crochet hook case we told you all about before. Storage Solutions: Home Depot Style

I really think Home Depot should be sponsoring us by now, as much as we send people there to buy crochet accessories.

I love this place and plan on stopping by every time I’m in town. I erceommend you get over there and support these wonderful people.


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