The greatest thing I’ve ever Made: Tote bag Edition

Okay, if you don’t like people bragging, STOP NOW!!  What i’m about to show you is by far the best thing I’ve ever crocheted, and I’m not afraid to be braggadocious.

We do a Christmas Gift Exchange between all the siblings and spouses on my wife’s side of the family.  I decided that If I got one of the sister’s, I was going to crochet something.  I picked up a copy of Crochet World Magazine (February 2016: Volume 39, No.1)  There’s a whole section in the magazine about Braided Cables in the round.  I was enthralled.  I saw this as the epitome of why I wanted to learn Crochet.

On page 32, there’s a pattern for a braided cables tote.  This thing was hard.  I started and restarted at least 4 times before I felt like I kind of knew what I was doing.  I was on a time Crunch.  I was a crocheting madman.  I was trying to crochet quickly, but every stich required my concentration.  I finally got dome with the front panel and thought, “Holy Crap!!” this looks awesome.  Here’s the front panel image for you.

Then it was on to the back.  Luckily, the back was a lot simpler but consisted of all Back post Double Crochets so it was slow going.  Finally I had two pieces.


At this point, I thought I was almost done, but I was just fooling myself.  I still had the bottom panel, two sides, and a top edging to complete.  Then i had to whip stitch them all together.

I went to a leather shop in town and they helped me pick out the right size and type of straps and attached them.  There’s a really nice little detail of putting the top edge over a strip of corrugated plastic to give it rigidity and strength.

Needless to say, I was totally stoked at the finished bag.  I almost didn’t want to give it away.  The good thing about crafts though, is that you can always make another!!

I used Plymouth Yarn Company’s Encore worsted line of yarn.  the color was 1202.  It’s a 75%acrylic/25% wool blend that worked really nicely, but also didnt need really finicky cleaning instructions.  I really hope she ikes the bag, and it was a joy to make.  Projects like this give you the confidence to try bigger and better things.

Thanks for listening to my blabbering.



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