Hooking on the Road: The Cleveland Edition

After Chistmas we took a trip to see my parents: Unfortunately my Dad’s health was failing and we needed to visit and see Grandma and Grandpa.  While I was there, I was working on some crochet projects for My sisters, and naturally I looked up a couple Yarn shops in the area to check out while we were there.

I read some mixed review of a lot of places closer to the Cleveland City Center, and settled on Going out to Chagrin Falls to visit The Artful yarn.  It’s a cute little shop on the upper floor of a little shopping mall.  Chagrin Falls is the drfiniiton of an old time Downtown area, and is worth a walk around by itself.  there’s a wonderful Popcorn shop right next to the river with the Nominal “Falls” the city is named for.

20170105_124425.jpgThere was a group of ladies knitting on a sie room and we began to browse.  The owner was so hospitable, and even entertained Emily while I was shopping.  She ad my daughter find knitted animals that were “hiding” in the shelves, give them a hug, and then find a new hiding place for them.  this allowed me to puruse the yarn selection in relative peace.


the shop had a great selection of yarn, and really nice binders full of patterns for you to use.  As I started talking about the projects I’d completed and showed them pictures of things, they started talking about how they wee mostly a knitting shop and were looking for people to teach classes on crochet for them.

They offered that next time I was in town that they’d love to have me teach a class for them.  I’m definitely going to try and take them up on that, and I’m excited about sharing what I’ve learned.


I highly recommend checking this shop out, and let them know the Male Hookers sent you!!


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