Christmas Blanket: Biggest project yet!

I decided that I was going to make Christmas presents; what I didn’t realize was that I needed to start in July on them if I didn’t want to be making things until Midnight for 30 days straight.

The list of Crochet Projects I decided to conquer included:

A blanket for my Mother in law

A tote bag for My sister in Law

And two hats for my sister and my other sister in law

This article is going to talk about the Blanket.  I’ll talk about the rest of the projects later.  I decided that I hadn’t made a really big item yet and that this would be a fun project.  I picked up over the summer the book, Cozy & Quick Afghans to Crochet.   It was published by Lion Brand Yarns.  I couldn’t find a link to get it no matter how hard i tried, but I got it at Jo-Ann fabrics.   It was an obvious ploy to get people to buy their yarn, as every pattern uses the Homespun varieties.

I got the book on sale and liked a couple of patterns, especially the Lincoln Log blanket, and had been planning on making it for a long time.

Luckily, we found a coupon for 60% of all Lion Brand yarn that was good the day before Thanksgiving, so We went and got everything for two blankets a ton cheaper.

Essentially the pattern used a bunch of rectangles that were built around each other to make squares and then stitch them all together.


Being a rank-amateur at this still; I didn’t figure out the right way to weave in all the ends until like the last 25% of the blanket so there’s a few squares I would’ve liked to redo, but the clock was ticking.  I stayed up past midnight almost every night making the little squares until I needed to start making the bag, and unfortunately didn’t finish the entire thing by Christmas.  I had all the squares assembled, but the border wasn’t completed.  Afer I got back froma  trip to Ohio I finished it up and After Emily and Grandma Snuggle tested it, it made it to it’s new home. I hope you like the first blanket I’ve made.



One thought on “Christmas Blanket: Biggest project yet!

  1. Looks cosy! Well done. I am having a hiatus from blankets at the moment – I need some small instant-gratification type projects for a while.


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