Hooking Hiatus: Why your men have been absent

Well,  let me start by apologizing for Aaron and I.  When the fall hits, my life gets crazy and I have no time for anything but work.  For my real work, I repair Musical Instruments, and the time from back-to-school and Christmas is always non-stop.  People dropping tubas on the marching field and brand new kids starting in band.

Rest assured we have been continuing on our hooking journey.  I want to also update you on the Hooking for hope Charity we were working towards.   My aunt Jan in Michigan was ridiculously generous throughout all of this.

The Charity w were working with was the Michael J Fox foundation for Alzheimers Research.  My Grandfather had alzeimer’s Disease, and so this was a project clos to my hart.  Not only did my aunt send us a big box of Hats, Scarves, Towels, and dishcloths (even though they were knitted, not Crocheted)  she also sent us a gift card to Michael’s to help us get suplies for the craft show.  If that wasn’t enough she made a cash donation for our fund as well.  I was humbled by her willingness to help.  Our Honorary Hooker, Jenn, manned the table and sold over $200.00 worth of stuff, and talked to a lot of people that really appreciated what we were trying to do.  I made a bunch of Hats, including one of my favorite pattern, outlined in Cabled beanie hat for sister in law.  I also made a really cute little fan stitch kid’s hat.  We collected orphan projects from the ladies in our knitting group, and Aaron made a bunch of cool things that I’ll let him detail for you.

Anyways…….hello again, and I’m currently working on posts that’ll go live in the next coupe weeks about some really cool rojecgts I’ve finished and some really nice yarn Shops I’ve visited.

Keep on hooking………


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