Gifts for Mom

It’s Monday, May 2nd and the streak of birthdays continues. Today is my mother’s birthday and I’m in Castle Rock to celebrate with her. I won’t get the chance to visit on Mother’s Day, so I surprised my parent’s by showing up just before lunch and not just before diner like we planned. This also means that I got to give my mother her gifts in time to talk about it today

.image image

You may remember that the cowl I was working on while driving to and from New Mexico – well here it is. One part of her gift is a cowl made from Belle Noelle’s pattern and Isaac Mizrahi bulk yarn. My mother knew this part of her gift was coming. In fact she bough the yarn herself and asked that I make her a cowl in the Outlander: Television Series style. What my mother didn’t know is that I was also going to make her fingerless gloves to accompany the cowl.

image image
The gloves were made over from excess Premium Chinchilla yarn from Ryan’s Squirrel. Unlike the mittens I made for Cacia, which started with the cuff, I started from the finger end and worked down. As I didn’t need to add anything around the thumb, these went much faster than the full mittens I made previously – also I wasn’t alternating color.

image   image

I had a great time making the gifts for my mother. Fortunately, she enjoyed receiving them even more than I enjoyed making them. Normally my mother wouldn’t have opened her gifts until dinner tonight with Moshe, my younger and taller brother, could join us. However I was able to convince my mother so that I could write this for you all at a reasonable time today. Stay tuned on Wednesday for some more details about the actual crocheting of the projects themselves.


Have any of your gifts for one person inspired gifts for someone else?


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