Birthday Squirrel

Between my friends and family February through July is birthday season. You’ve seen a scarf and Yoda so far; but today I’m going to talk about the amigurumi squirrel that I made for Ryan. I selected  Boris the Red Squirrel  from Edward’s Menagerie (pgs 94-95) to make for Ryan. I bought Premium Chinchilla and Premium Gingerbread yarn from Jo-Ann’s.

Pages 14 and 15 of  Edward’s Menagerie give sizing instructions for the amigurumi animals. Ranging from Small (a 1.75 mm hook) to Giant (an L or 8 mm hook). I decided to make Ryan a Large squirrel; he and I both love them, and a larger than life version was sure to be fun. This required an H hook (5 mm) and almost three skeins of the Gingerbread yarn.

20160317_170730 20160317_171031

You can see from the body and head that the squirrel is almost the length of a standard pillow with just the head and body. You can also see some of the stuffing peaking outside of the double crochets. Part of the reason that this project is so large, and the stuffing can be seen comes to attention to detail. Edward’s Menagerie calls for double crochets in the pattern, which I did for the entire project. However a careful read of page 111 would have let me know that Kerry Lord was using UK notations and that an American user would know this stitch as a single crochet 😦
Brian found this notation and let me know. Unfortunately it was found the morning after I’d completed the squirrel.

image image

Despite some white visible through the stitching Ryan was quite happy with his birthday gift! I mean, who doesn’t want a nearly 3 foot tall amigurumi squirrel? Ryan named him Maurice (and yes, he does speak of  the pompitous of love … and shakes trees as he scurries about them …). Maurice now lives on Ryan’s couch and has even been known to play with his kittens.

What has been the most well received amigurumi project you’ve completed/received?


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