Hooking in the Mountains

My wife and I own a business that requires us to sometimes go to schools far out in the mountains.  We fix musical instruments and sometimes the teachers need us to go to their location and evaluate the horns.

We recently went out to Salida Colorado and I decided it was a good time to see if there were any good yarn shops out in the mountains.  I found two of them on our journey.


The first was called Fringe.  It was in the old Downtown area of Salida and was a Fabric arts store that had everything from yarn to quilting to sewing supplies.  It was a small store but was very well organized and cute.

The owner was very polite and friendly, but not very talkative.  WE looked around and I didn’t find anything I needed so we were on our way.

There were a number of really nice looking yarns, but I’m not allowed to buy any unless I know the project they are going towards and there weren’t any that fit the bill for thickness and color for what I was looking for.

On the way back home we went through the Town of Conifer.  It’s a little bit bigger town and I saw on google a place called the Knit Knook.  It was on the upper level of a small shopping center and was right on our way home so I made Deanna stop there too.


I’m really glad we did.  I LOVED this place.  It was small but really well organized.  It had a nice Coffee and Tea cafe set up at the front of the store and then all the yarn was in the rear, with a good sized table for people to work on projects at.  There was a really great selection of yarns, and in a really great price range.

Ive found in some stores there’s only the really expensive 20-30 dollar skeins available.  DOn’t get me wrong I like to spojl myself sometimes, but if it’s for a small project or for a little kid, I like being able to find good blended yarns at median prices.  I’ve been looking for a good yarn to make another one of my Hats,and they had a really great acrylic and wool bland that was only 9 bucks a skein.  I bought three with the idea to make myself a matching scarf to go with the hat too.  It was a black yarn with greys and dark blues woven in that should come out great.  I also picked up a skein of really solid black yarn to make a hat for SR. Party as well.  That was only 7 bucks.

The owner was nice enough to ball up the skein for me and even let Emily turn the crank for a while. Emily was super excited to do that.


WE chatted for a while and I told her about the Hooking for hope project we were working on and she took a bunch of our cards and said she’d talk to the knitting group there about donating some projects or yarn for us, so that was exciting.

She loved my Dewalt Knitting toolbox.  I can’t recommend this place enough.  If you’re ever in in the Colorado Mountain Towns you won’t find a nicer and more accomodating shop.  WE were just passing through so I didn’t get to sit, Hook and drink some coffee there, but next time I’ll try and do just that.

What are some of your experiences with little out of the way yarn shops?  Any suggestions if I’m traveling around?


5 thoughts on “Hooking in the Mountains

  1. Knit Knook is such a great place. Owners, Pat and Doyle, have done a super job of taking over from Diane, the previous owner.


  2. The Knit Knook has been my local yarn shop for almost eight years! There is a truly wonderful community of women who call it our other home. The shop has always been a welcoming haven for anyone, you don’t have to be a fiber freak to hang out there. So glad you loved it, and please come back again! 💛☕️💛

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  3. I lol’d at you not being allowed to buy yarn. I haven’t been to any small yarn shops like those. I’m only a few months into crocheting though. I have time.
    I saw a video on the yarn crank thing not too long ago and I desperately want to do that. It looks so satisfying.


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