Return of the Jedi

For over a month now resurrected Yoda has evaded the Sith lord Emily. In his completed form (equipped with ears, a coat, and a belt) he has been diligent to hide in my crochet bag, on top of a clock to high for a toddler, and in other inconspicuous places. His evasions skills allowed him to escape from our home in Broomfield, and find his new padawan learner in Greeley, Colorado.


You might remember that in early March I was working on an amigurumi Yoda as a gift for my Friend Chris. You may also recall that Brian’s daughter Emily wanted to turn Yoda into a dinosaur. This lead to the destruction of Yoda before he was completed.  Yoda was without ears, and his coat had not yet been put on when Emily got my scissors and Yoda out of my crochet bag and decided to make some ascetic changes, so she could turn Yoda into a dinosaur.

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Fortuitously for me, I was working well ahead of Chris’s birthday and was able to make a new Yoda prior to his birthday. This turned out to be a good thing as Yoda – Round 2, ended up looking much better than I imagine Yoda – Round 1 would have looked. The new ears are much pointer and I upgraded to a larger size of eyes. Unfortunately I switched phones not to long ago and had forgotten to upload pictures of the new Yoda before giving up my old phone. You’ll have to take my word that the new one (seen in Chris’s hand) is more aesthetically pleasing.

Chris’s birthday was 3/14/16 but unfortunately we weren’t able to meet up until about two weeks ago. I hid Yoda up above a clock a few feet to high for Emily to reach (even with her Sith powers) after finishing him. He’s been there for the past month or so, be shown off proudly to the living room. He hitched a ride in my backpack until he came out in Greeley where he could be deliverer to one of UNC’s finest History Proffs. Yoda now resides on Chris and Kristin’s mantle, where he can instruct his new padawan.

As a side note, I used Lion Brand Babysoft Yarn (169) Sweet Pea yarn for the green parts of Yoda. I’m making a triceratops for Emily for her birthday using the same yarn. It seems only fitting.

You can see that Chris enjoys his gift, and may get a few more star wars figures for Christmas. Has one well received gift ever inspired you to make a follow up gift in theme?


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