Hooks on a plane: The Race against a Jet

I have been on a quest: a quest for a men’s hat that wasn’t a beanie.  I’ve been looking for a pattern for a while and have had some pretty epic failures.  I wear “Ben Hogan” Style hats a lot, and have thought that it shouldn’t be that difficult to make one. Alas, finding a good pattern has been elusive.  I tried a couple on Ravelry and finally found This hat.

I made one using Coats Yarn Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Denim It didn’t take too long, I knocked it out in like 4 hours, and thought it looked pretty good. Pictures below.

It fit really nice, and had a good look and color to it.  Now that I had my pattern I decided to take on a challenge……..

I was leaving for a flight to Washington DC Last Thursday, and was actually really excited to show off my crochet skills and talk about our blog.  I was a little disappointed I left before our Business Cards and Holder came in, but I decided I was going to race time to finish another one of these hats.

I would have the time I got to the airport to the time the plane touched down at Dulles Airport to get it done.

The race was on!  I chose a Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky in Walnut.  I knew it would be a thicker yarn and would be a good cold weather hat.  I got to the airport and through security.  Grabbed a quick slice of pizza ans settled in near my gate.  Luckily the Seats they had had great cupholders that held my yarn perfectly.

The above pictures show how far I had gotten by the time I got on the plane.  I was in good shape: or so I thought.  A combination of people asking me about my project, being placed in a seat next to a rather large gentleman, which necessitated my awkward elbow angle, and the coup De Gras, running out of yarn, left me exactly 1.5 rows short of finishing.

It was SO close.  I finished off the hat in the hotel room and called it a pretty good challenge.  I need to resew the front brim as I did it in the wrong row, but Otherwise looks pretty good.

Side note: This is the first Mirror selfie I’ve ever done 🙂

For the rest of the conference I wore my blue hat made with the cheap yarn.  It was flexible, comfortable, and I got a ton of compliments.  The dark brown one was just too warm right now.  I was constantly bothered in the back of my head about the unfinshed challenged, so I decided to repsrise the challenge on the return trip.

I chose a Rauma Brown Yarn for the next hat.  Luckily I was a prepared hooker and brought extra yarns with me on the trip.  I brought two skeins on the plane to help not run out and got to work.  The return flight was on a Monday night so was a lot less full and I lucked out and got a row where no one took the middle to the three seats.  The lady next to me was nice, but was very involved with her own project so she didn’t talk much.  Also, since this was the third time in a week doing the same hat, I barely had to look at the pattern.

I was a hooking machine.  Yarn was flying everywhere (Literally) and I was cranking through row after row of stitches  I turned down all beverages and snacks, because I knew that having the tray table down would slow my progress. I was possessed.  I wasn’t going to fall so short this time!  The pilot came online and started announcing the decent into Denver just as the actual stitches were complete, and I just have to weave in the ends and sew the brim.  Just as they announced that we had to put our tray tables up for landing  I took off my blue hat and replaced it with the brown one.

The lady next to me looked over kind of surprised as I was cleaning up and just said “impressive”.

The hat was a little small for me, due to the fact that the Rauma was a little lighter yarn, so I gifted it to Aaron.  I realized afterward that in the last week, I made the first thing for My hooker partner and the first thing for myself that I’ve made.  I accomplished my goal, and raced a plane from Denver to DC and won.  I might not be John Henry Against the machine, but it felt pretty good.

On a side note: of the three hats I’ve made the cheapest yarn might be the best one for this pattern.  Just shows you don’t need expensive things to make stuff that looks nice.


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