Monday Mittens

After much deliberation and the realization that I have a thing for alliterative titles I deiced that today would be a good day to talk about the mittens I made for Cacia. I’ve mentioned them a few times before (for instance in Scarves numbers 2 and 3) but haven’t talked about this early project. The mittens started as my third project. At this point I’d completed a scarf and hearts, so my repertoire was limited. Brian and I had decided that each new project (gift requests as the exception) should teach us a new crochet skill; the Beginner-Friendly Crochet (6463)‘s pattern for women’s mittens would give me a chance to work with alternating yarns, and create something that wasn’t flat. Given that my hearts were well received, I decided to take these on as my next project.

Cacia’s favorite color is purple. I picked up three different shades of purple yarn at Walmart when getting groceries prior to starting the project. As you can see from the pictures below I ‘m alternating between a traditional purple (the darker color) and a lighter orchard; the third shade remains unused to date. For those of you following along with the book Orchard is my A color.


I knew I would be learning how to change yarn colors frequently, and how to work with a cylindrical object going into the project. I did not know I’d be learning how to do single back crochets, which were required for the cuff of the mitten. As a side note the back crochets have proven to be one of the more useful stitches I’ve learned, and have been repeating them in half doubles for my mother’s birthday cowl (article to come). I started fairly slowly, weaving only through the back end and not through both strands of yarn. I started picking up the pack after a handful of rows.

The most difficult part of the pattern was making sure I had the correct number of stitches on the top of the cuff, after slip-stitching the two ends together. I belive it took me three tries on the first mitten to end up with the correct number of rows. Finishing the mitten wasn’t difficult, but alternating color at the end of every row was time consuming. This became especially true when I had to wave in the lose strands.


When I finished the second mitten the first looked ragged by comparison. So, naturally I set forth on a third and gave Cacia the best two of the three. This project doesn’t represent the best of my work but I really enjoyed this project as there were new skills to be learned, and many parts. Cacia also enjoyed them as gifts, so that is always an added bonus.


Which of your early projects stand out to you as good learning experiences?


5 thoughts on “Monday Mittens

  1. I made a small amigurumi Irish terrier dog ! The process was painful but I was so glad with the result and it gave me great confidence in my crochet skill !


  2. I can’t remember my first crochet projects too well, as they were a long time ago. I’m still learning new things though, and sometimes I end up frogging a failure!


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