Swimsuit Line to be produced this Spring

Male Hookers are so excited to share with you our new product line.  Our site has gotten off to such a great start that we decided that we should start producing exclusive men’s fashion crochet.

I am pleased to announce……

Crocheted “Speedo” style men’s swimsuits.

We have done extensive sizing and testing and have perfected a pattern of soft, comfortable, and stylish crocheted swimsuits.

The first prototypes were not as comfortable as we expected, and so we switched away from the burlap fibers we originally found.

The all-wool ones looked good to begin with, but with this type of apparel, “shrinkage” is not a desirable trait.

We settled on a cotton-bamboo blend that is breath-able, lightweight and doesn’t get too see-through when it gets wet.  We learned that lesson the hard way at the rec center pool!

Colors will be available in a wide variety to accentuate skin tones.


Have a great weekend from the male Hookers 🙂

Denver artist who put a crocheted speedo on a large statue. Enjoy!



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