The continuing adventures of Crochet Puppy

On Tuesday I showed you the adorable amigurumi puppy I made for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  What you don’t know is the adventures he had on the way to his new home.

About a week after I finished it, my daughter was playing with it all the time and “training” puppy to be a good boy for his new home.  We were constantly reminding her that it wasn’t her puppy and that it was going to go to her new cousin in Arizona.

She seemed to be grasping the concept and dealing with the fact as well as can be expected for a three year old.

One day though, puppy went missing.  If I were to tell you we searched everywhere and turned the house upside down, that might be an understatement.  It was nowhere to be found.  We had just seen it that morning when Gabba (what Emily calls Grandma) came over.  My mind immediately went to thinking that Emily had hidden the puppy so it didn’t have to go away.

This is just days before my wife’s trip, an I’m starting to freak out to the point of possibly trying to make another one before she left.  Where could he be? I search the house again, this time trying all manner of hiding spots a toddler might use.  It’s gone…..gone.   I went to work, and then got a message from my wife.

Puppy had hitched a ride upstairs on a pile of towels and bed sheets my wife had cleaned, and had been hiding in the linen closet the whole time.  I felt horrible inside for secretly blaming my little one.



My wife was traveling to the shower on her own, and me and my little munchkin were on our own for “daddy dates” over the weekend.  My wife decided it would be fun to send us pictures of puppy in funny places in Arizona via Facebook messenger.  He was climbing a tree, sitting on a cactus and all other manner of silliness.

Enjoy the pictures of puppy partying in the desert and eventually making his way to the party with his final family.

Have any of your projects gone missing in funny ways or had epic adventures?


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