Car Crocheting

454 miles lie between Cacia and Dillon’s homes. I left Sunday with Cacia to visit my friend Dillon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s spring break and today is Dillon’s first day on the job at his new position as a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital, so it seemed like a great time to visit. Cacia drove the vast majority of the time on our round trip – she gets car sick and it’s much easier for her to be the driver. As long as I’m not in the back seat I’m a pretty good about not getting car sick myself, so I was happy to let her drive. This gave me about 12 hours of round trip to talk, listen to music, and of course to crochet.

image image image

I used to get car sick frequently on long family trips as a child. Reading came at a high cost, but even being in the back seat for an extended period of time took its toll. Given that I am currently working on my mother’s birthday present, I decided to see how well I could crochet in the car. As it turns out it was pretty easy on my stomach. Well … it was easy on my stomach as long as we were on a straight away. When the car went around frequent turns or zig-zagging roads it was time for me to put the yarn down, and look up for a while. After Cacia noticed that I was doing this she very kindly let me know when we would be coming to turbulent roads.
image image

This system let me continue to crochet very easily. In fact I found my self at a stand still with a few hours left in the drive. The pattern calls for 28” of rows, and neither Cacia or I had a measuring tool. I deiced to stop after what looked close to 2′. After all it is easy enough to add in more rows at home when I have access to measuring tapes, and I’d like this gift to be the spirit of the pattern my mother wants for her gift. Now that I’ve had the opportunity I know I can work on my projects as I’m travailing in the future.

What tails of travel do you have in your own work?


3 thoughts on “Car Crocheting

  1. Hey my group is about 440 miles from Albuquerque! Personally, I’d start and stop six different projects in that travel time. Choosing a pattern that doesn’t need a lot of counting is a good choice if you’re trying to stay calm and avoid motion sickness. How do you like that yarn?


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