Cat Crowns

If you’re following us on Twitter you might remember that I got a text message from a friend asking me to create a few cat crowns. Well I was asked to knit them, but I explained that I could in fact crochet them. This request came from my friend Marissa who is finishing her first year of law school at the University of New Mexico. Marissa wanted three crowns, one for our mutual friend Alison’s new kitten, and one for each of Marissa’s two cats.

2016-03-07 12.05.37

I told Marissa that as soon as Yoda was finished I’d make her the crowns. We also established that she did not in fact require a pink crown, but that I could choose the color. Naturally I decided to choose something a bit more crownesque and I went with Lion Brand Yarn 881-157 Jamie Yarn, Sunshine.

20160311_112429 20160311_112445

Now that I had a yarn I needed a pattern. Quite a bit of google searching lead me to a free Ravelry pattern. You can see that this pattern required four rows before adding in doubles for the points and a Picot Stitch. Picot was a new stitch for me. I had to look it up on line before I made sure I understood what needed to be done.



You see that after about an hour I got a crown completed. Crown two and three together probably took the same amount of time. An episode of Stargate helped with each the first crown, and the last two. I finished just in time to leave with a few extra minutes to mail the crowns out before I meed up with Cacia. I mailed these three to New Mexico later that night so that Marissa could get them to Alison for her birthday.

20160311_144029  20160311_160709

What kinds of successes/failures have you had crocheting pet clothing?

IMG_0002 IMG_0001 IMG_0003


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