Crochet Snow Day

Wednesday afternoons we normally go to a knitting/crochet circle at Alfalfa’s. Today there is 14 inches of snow, give or take, outside of the driveway. The snow is still coming down and a highway warning for cars without four wheel drive. Brian and Deanna have closed the shop due to the roads. I’m not sure we’ll make it Afalfa’s tonight and all in all today feels like a good inclement weather day. In light of that I want to talk about how Brian and I are using our Crochet Snow Day.

20160323_102721 20160323_102717

We often crochet while watching Stargate SG1. If you are a Sci-fi fan, or if you are looking for something enjoyable to watch while you do your own work I recommend starting with Stargate SG-1: Season 1. Brian and I are Starting our morning with Season 9, episode 1:  Avalon, Part 1. We have taken over the game room downstairs so we can work on blog posts, and have the table available to start our projects on. I am working on finishing my birthday present for Ryan. Two and a half more legs plus assembly and I’ll be ready for his April 19th birthday. I expect I’ll finish that today. My mother’s birthday is May 4th and I’ll be starting to make her a cowl based on the Outlander: Television Series. Her gift will also include fingerless gloves, but more on her gift later.  Brian will be finishing a hat for Deanna, which is in the theme of the one he made for Deidre.

20160323_102612 20160323_102648

Our activities will of course be interlaced with coffee and home crafted hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is a gift from Jenn, the one who received a scarf for her birthday. As people receive their gifts from me expect posts.  How do you use your snow days? Any good crochet snow day stories?




5 thoughts on “Crochet Snow Day

  1. We’re rewatching SG-1 as well at the moment, though we’re in season… two or three, I forget which (that’s what happens when you binge watch 😉 ). Can’t say I really have any snow day stories to share, though. Pretty much any day is that for me.

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