Easter Bunny Surprise!

I’ve been working in secret for the last two weeks.  Cramming a little bit of crochet in here and there, after my little one goes to sleep. Trying to be quiet and being really diligent about where I leave the book, and my supplies. It’s been a secret mission and the spy lives in my house.  I’ve been making Emily (my three year old)  a special present for Easter, and I’m happy to say I’ve finally finished it.  BEHOLD!  The Easter bunny is ready to hop on down the bunny trail.


I used what has very quickly become my favorite book, Crochet One-Skein Wonders®: 101 Projects from Crocheters around the World, I’ve loved all the patterns so far in this book and have had great results with really accurate and clear instructions so far. I’ve done two other projects in this book, Cabled beanie hat for sister in law, and another animal which will make his debut soon as well.  I can’t recommend this book enough.


I used a red Heart Super Saver Acrylic yarn for this project, as it was going to a Toddler, and I wanted the ease of washing it.  The color I used was Red Heart E300.0301 Super Saver Economy Yarn, Mirage.  I liked the soft colors and splashes of blue that it had in it, and that the variegation was quick and didn’t leave any large ares of any one color.

The original pattern had a color yarn that had a lot darker area on it, so I did need to grab a small scrap of black yarn for the nose. You could easily use any variety of contrasting colors for it too.  I used plastic safety eyes, I believe 6mm size from this set: 100pcs 6-12mm Black Plastic Safety Eyes for Bear, Doll, Puppet, Plush Animal and Craft One Box.

Aaron and I have been making a lot of Amigurumi lately so I thought it was a good idea to get a package of these.  There’s a bunch of different sizes and some cool colored eyes that’ll be good for like dinosaurs and monsters and things.

Now the hard part is going to be not giving it to her until Easter.  He turned out really great.  I love the tail. I did modify from the original design in one way.  I sewed the ears on differently.  The pattern called for both to be oriented “west to east” when looking straight on.  I did one ear “north to South” to give the way the ears flopped a little more character.  I liked the way it looked that way.

Have you made anything that was really hard to not show off? I’m having a hard time not giving this to my little one early!



5 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Surprise!

  1. oh yes. I’ve had that happen a few times lol. It’s impossible to hide anything from my hubby (though I did manage to surprise him one Christmas with his favorite peppermint patties which I made from scratch. Still don’t know how I managed it, but hey, I’ll take it). I’ve been known to cave and give stuff early a time or two, but I try really hard to keep it as a gift for the intended time whenever possible.

    That bunny is adorable, by the way. Great job 🙂


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