Dish cloth sloth

Sorry about the late Monday post – birthday celebrations had kept me from my computer. Today I’d like to address my attempt to make something practical in the form of a dish cloth. I went to visit my parent’s last week; as you might remember I gave my mother a scarf. When I arrived in Castle Rock my mom gave me a bag of yarn and The Little Encyclopedia of Dishcloths. As a thank you I decided to take Lion Brand Yarn, Kings Canyon 180 that came in the bag and make a dish cloth. I ultimately ended up on the Diagonal Ridges dish cloth pattern, from pages 34-35 in the book.

20160317_172533  20160317_172352

I had just finished a segment for an upcoming gift so wanted to make a dish cloth in the week before I saw my mom again. I first started with Clover pattern starting on page 18. The beginning of the clover went well as you can see below. By row five (sorry I don’t have pictures) I had reached epic failure and scrapped the project.

20160317_172542 20160317_181504

This lead to me starting the Diagonal Ridges pattern. This was much simpler and looked much faster. I expected that I could increase and decrease the rows according to the instructions without counting each row. After all for the first 22 rows all I needed to do was add two single crochets into the first and last stitch of every row, and have a single stitch for each stitch in the middle. Giving me a Stitch #=2N+1 pattern; where N is the row I’m on. The decrease was simple as well. I needed to combine the first two and the last two stitches of each row, and single crochet in each stitch in between. This gives me a Stitch #=45-2(n-22) pattern. However as you can see from below my assumption was erroneous.


… I started again. I was determined to git one thing from the book right. This time I counted and got something that actually looked like a square. I made sure the square stated in my bad so that I could give it to my mother when I went down for my birthday today. This should have been a great plan, but I ended up riding down to Castle Rock with Cacia, and not transferring my bag over. This project is the poster child of crochet epic fails.


I’ll (hopefully) be giving the completed project to my mother on Sunday when I’m down again. What failed projects of yours have managed to become successful stories?


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