Bicycle Gloves: Completed Gift

After I got done with my Sister In Laws beanie, I decided to make the rounds for gifts for the family.  After Talking to My brother in law he said that he needed some fingerless gloves to wear over his biking gloves.  He wanted them to be simple and just keep his hand warmer while allowing him to still operate the controls on his bike.

I found a basic pattern in Beginner-Friendly Crochet (6463) was the project called Tween Style Wrister on Page 31.  Mine was done using a single color as requested by the “client”

I decided to use basic Red Heart Super Save Acrylic on this as he was planning on wearing another glove underneath, so softness wasn’t an issue, and the acrylic would make it asier to wash and care for.  He’s a little crazy, and bikes almost no matter what the weather so I felt certain it would need to be washed semi-regularly.

It was a fun simple project, and I did make some modifications to the original pattern including making the thumb hole larger to accomodate gloves and adding a couple extar rows at the end for a larger hand.

I’ve found that almost every pattern I come across I have to modify in some way.  I’ve gotten in the habit of making notes about those changes in the book so if I want to recreate a project or lend the pattern to a friend they can replicate my results.

Do you find that you need to alter patterns also, or am I just crazy for trying?



2 thoughts on “Bicycle Gloves: Completed Gift

  1. at times, I do make changes, or I follow someone else’s adaptations. So no, you’re not crazy for trying 😉 It’s how you learn more of your craft, after all.
    By the way, if you’re not on ravelry yet, you should consider it. Great place to keep a digital record of everything, as well as for finding patterns and stuff.

    Also, in case you didn’t know, you can (usually, some dyes don’t work as well with it) get the super saver to soften quite a bit if you wash it like normal (which for me means wash on cold), and add vinegar to your load. Don’t know why it works, but it does.

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