Scarf number 3

Animal Planet has Shark Week, apparently I’m having scarf week. But not to fret, I’ve only made three scarfs to date. I finished this scarf about a month ago and gave it to my mother Monday night, so this seems an appropriate week to talk about scarfs as gifts.

20160217_221115 20160303_205636

This scarf was created with Red Heart Pink Camo Yarn and a Boye E Hook. I worked nine rows of 20 doubles followed by a row of gaping columns. The gaps were created by chaining 1 after a double and skipping 1 stitch. This created the necessary 20 stitches for the 11th rows (and the other multiples of 11). You can see from the picture that I worked two consecutive doubles at the begging and end  of each row, giving the appearance of 12 columns, 8 of which that are gaped. I repeated this until pattern until I finished the skein of yarn, leaving the finishing end a few rows shy of the nine that usually follow the gaping rows.

This scarf was started directly after Jenn’s scarf. I wanted to knock out another gift before returning to the mittens, and I knew that I could quickly make another scarf. I had intended it as a present for Señor Party. We were at a happy hour at CB Pots when I showed him the progress I had made. It was apparent that he was not a fan on the non-consecutive doubles.

I went to my parents latter that week and my mother enjoyed the progress I had made. When I finished the scarf I told her I would give it to her. I’ve had the scarf finished for a while now, and when I visited my parents Monday night I finally gave her the scarf.

20160314_171933 20160314_171926

As you can see she seems to be enjoying this one skein wonder. Have you ever ended up recycling a gift and if so how did that turn out?


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