Simple Beanie: Bronco’s Style

Every year my business has a booth at the Colorado Music Educator’s Association conference.  I repair band and orchestra instruments, and it give us an opportunity to meet with our clients and hopefully get some new ones.

During this conference we’re in a vendor’s hall all day, and there are long periods of downtime while the teachers are in their learning sessions.  Luckily, I remembered to bring some crochet stuff with me, and I decided to make a beanie hat for myself in honor of the Bronco’s awesome Super Bowl Run.

I used Red Heart Team Spirit Yarn (960) Orange/Navy and just did a simple in the round pattern I found for free on the internet.

It turned out pretty good, but without a band on the bottom that I learned later on, it sits a little loose on the bottom.  It fits fine, but I’m concerned that over time it’ll stretch out a little.  I’d suggest to anyone else to always so a small band (5-7 Single Crochets) using a back loop only stitch around (88 rows is a pretty god fit for medium size heads, mine would be more like 100 I think)  This will give some stretch to the band and allow it to be fitted better.

It was fun getting the comments from the other vendors about my crocheting.  They were all really curious and a lot of them wished they had brought something o that nature to pass the time as well.

I did get the occassional weird look from other people of the male gender about a “man doing a woman’s craft” but I’ve gotten used to that, and the positive comments far outweigh the looks of the insecure and non-open minded.

It’s a good little hat, and I learned about crocheting in the round, and got good at reductions, but it’s pretty simple, and I can’t wait for more challenges.  I’ve got some men’s style hats that I’m trying to find good patterns for.

What are some beginning projects you’ve done that taught you great starting techniques?


3 thoughts on “Simple Beanie: Bronco’s Style

  1. Makes me so sad to hear that there are still people around who give men a hard time for having hobbies that are “for women”. I think it’s awesome when I see men doing needlework or even, on the other hand, when I see women interested in “man hobbies”.
    At any rate, great work on the beanie! There are ways to add a ribbed band even after you’ve finished the hat. If you decide that the edge is too loose later, it may be worth it to check into adding ribbing. It’s pretty simple. 🙂

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  2. There’s nothing worse than feeling you are wasting time during workshops. We have a textile business that is often in the same position. Great idea to crochet – no needles to thread (as in embroidery etc) and it can be put to one side just as soon as a stitch is finished – not a whole row!

    Love the beanie.

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