Scarf number 2

A few weeks back I was eating dinner with my friend Jennifer. We were at a Fushing, which is a great little Chinese restaurant near advantage games in Thornton. It is both very affordable and tasty. During the course of dinner Jennifer mentioned to me that her birthday was coming up and that she wanted me to make her a scarf for her birthday. At this point I had finished my own scarf, hearts for Valentine’s  and was about this far on a pair of mittens for Cacia.


I of course agreed to make the scarf for her upcoming birthday. For those of you familiar with Fushing you’ll know it is just down the road from Jo-Ann’s; a less than five minute drive. We drove down to the Jo-Ann’s and I had her pick out the yarn that she wanted for the scarf. As you can see from the pictures of me modelling the finished project that this was a slow variegation; I’m sorry I don’t know which yarn this was – I wasn’t diligent on keeping track prior to the blog. The end wrapped around my neck is red, the middle of the scarf is grey and the terminating end is purple.

20160213_225538 20160213_225554 20160213_225545 20160213_225542

The yarn itself was bulky, with a pink spiral running in the middle – which is not visible in the pictures.  I tried starting the project with my J hook, however, the yarn was too thick for the J. I came out of a chain of 18 fine, starting doubles off the chain. From there however I couldn’t find where I needed to hook into. This necessitated me starting over. This time I borrowed a K hook from Brian. This was large enough and I was up and running. I had a hard time counting my stitches at the end of a row, as the yarn itself was very bulky. This ended up being a good learning experience about counting as I went and learning to be more consistent.

Jennifer enjoyed her scarf when I gave it to her – pictures to come. What did some of your early gifts teach you?


6 thoughts on “Scarf number 2

  1. don’t remember much about the “early gifts” since I’ve been knitting for nearly 35 (*gulp*) years now. I have learned, though, that no matter what I will not make a King sized blanket for a gift anymore (Queen is my max), and that certain people will forever be banned from my gift lists as far as making them something goes. Also, “thank you” goes a very long way.

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