Storage Solutions: Home Depot Style

Ever notice how once something is labeled as a “knitting bag” or “Crochet Bag” the price inflates ten fold.  A simple reusable grocery bag with a ball of yarn picture on it can sell for 10 bucks.  I’m always looking for interesting ways to store things and organize in a way that’s convenient, durable and portable. Enter the DEWALT DW2190 Heavy Duty Medium Tough Case.


You can pick this up at Home Depot for under 5 bucks, and it holds all my crochet stuff perfectly.  I’ve got a set of large and small Clover Lock Ring Markers
, plastic yarn needles, a yarn cutter, a pair of snip scissors, and all the basic and large size hooks from size E to size L.

It came with a bunch of the black plastic dividers that can be moved around and adjusted, and is hard as a brick,  each side locks independently and the whole thing has a really heavy duty latch.

One of the nice features is that it won’t let you accidentally close the case without locking down the side lids.  The latches are designed to not let it close until everything is locked tight, thereby saving you the hassle of picking up all your stitch counters.

Aaron obviously got one right away, and every time we go out to crochet with a group they always get a little chuckle.  We tell them it’s our way of making crochet “manly” and they then want one for themselves.  Lots of people we’ve met have told about $10-$20 little boxes they bought online that didn’t hold what they needed or had little tabs that broke off almost immediately.  I could probably throw this thing off the roof and it would be okay.

Overkill? Maybe, but I doubt I’ll ever need to buy another one ever again.  We love it.  Check out this pic of Mine, Aaron’s, and a knitter, Lindsey’s, all together.  Lindsey actually went one step further and cut out a section of divider wall in order to fit her tape measure in it too.  I might take her advice for that.


I love it, and I hope you all do too.

If you have any other unconventional things for storage and accessories for crocheting share them. I’d love to see it.

Next time we’ll explore travel bags for projects, and why you’re looking in the wrong places for them and spending too much.


What do you store your crochet toys in?




8 thoughts on “Storage Solutions: Home Depot Style

  1. I bought a pencil case the other week. It is pink and gray stripes. I quite enjoy it since that is one of my favorite color combinations. It isn’t nearly as fancy as what y’all have but it works for me!


  2. Oh, this is a great idea! It really bothers me that companies think that it’s okay to inflate the price of something because it’s a “knitting/crochet (insert anything here)”. I avoid anything with yarn on it like the plague because of this. So finding alternatives makes me super happy! 😀

    I actually carry most of my knitting/crochet items in a regular pencil case that I spent $1 on, ha ha! I have a “project bag” that I bought for around $12 that’s actually a repurposed diaper bag. (A bag of similar size from a craft store would’ve cost close to $40, if not more.)

    If I ever decide that I need more boxes or cases for organization, I’ll definitely remember to give Home Depot a try. 🙂

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  3. I don’t have any pics, but I have my stitch markers, needles to weave ends in with, small scissors, and measuring tape in a little jewelry-type box a friend of mine gave me for my birthday years ago. My hooks (and needles, though in a separate one) are in a homemade roll that another friend gifted me with.

    Like the clever solution you guys have, too

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