The Force Does Not Awaken

For those of you who are also following us on twitter you’ll know that I have been working on an amigurumi Yoda. What you likely didn’t know is that Yoda is part of a birthday present for my friend Chris. His birthday is on the 14th, but we won’t be getting together until the 31st or so prioritizing Yoda wasn’t critical. Even so I wanted to have it done so that I could move onto other projects and other parts of Chris’s present. I had finished most of Yoda last night, I had all of the peaces made and most of them attached. I had planed on connecting the last peaces today to have a finished gift. That was of course until I got the following facebook message from Brian:

Call when you have a break. Gotta talk to you. Emily did Something REALLY bad

If you haven’t taken a look at the about us segment of malehookers, Emily is Brian’s 3 year old daughter. The REALLY bad thing she did was something that even Vader couldn’t do, take down Yoda.

20160307_16020120160307_160217 20160307_160211 20160307_160205

Emily felt the need to need to attempt to transform Yoda into a dinosaur, or so she claimed. On Mondays I teach a 9-11:40 class, so we have a 10 or 15 minute break. I gave my student’s 15 minutes and when I saw Brian’s message I went outside to give him a call. He alerted me to the situation, but as he was at work neither of us had seen the damage. When I got home later that evening Emily was napping and Deanna (Brian’s wife) explained Emily’s desire to express her cretaceous creativity. She also delivered Yoda’s corpse to me  so that I could send him on to meet with Ben and Anakin once again.

Emily’s destruction didn’t end with earless Yoda. Yoda’s jacket was cut, the cuffs to his jacket taken out of my bag, ears absconded with and a small mess of yarn threads was left to boot (Deanna kindly left the crime scene in tack so that I could document for you guys). However, the most aggravating thing is that the Sweet Pea Lion Brand Yarn was cut in several places. This particular skein of yarn did not have an accessible strand staring on the inside. This will  mean that as I’m taking yarn from the outside I will have several discontinuous peaces before the issue resolves itself.

20160307_160316 20160307_160309 20160307_160234 20160307_160304 20160307_160253 20160307_160246

After taking in all of the damage I messaged Brian and said the only reasonable thing I could say; “Your daughter is a sith lord”. One who’s power with scissors rivals that on any Jedi Knight. What had happened is that Emily took my bag (Brian will do a feature about how we store our tools soon!) down, got my scissors out and started cutting the things in the bag. She did all of this while Deanna was fielding a phone call upstairs. Emily is normally good about knowing what she is, and isn’t allowed to play with (scissors are never on her okay-to-play list). Brian and I’s crocheting supplies have seldom been an issue in the past.

At the end of the day of course I’m annoyed that my project was destroyed. I’m more upset about the yarn for future (and obviously the upcoming repeat) projects. I’m sad that Brian and Deanna have to lecture Emily on what she is and isn’t allowed to do, and that they felt like they had to apologize to me. I’m grateful that given the fact that I left scissors in a place where a 3 year old could find and get them, that the only thing to be damaged was an amigurumi project; we could have been having a very different conversation while I was at work. I’m also grateful that I was working far enough ahead on Chris’s gift that I can start over and not be late getting his gift to him. I also worry about the youngling; the dark side already has much sway with her.

When this post is up Yoda number 2 will be on his way. I’ll use larger eyes, which will look better,  this time. I’m also sure that this time I’ll finish Yoda more quickly than I did the previous time. Expect a post on the construction of Yoda(s) in the future.

I’ll leave you with a few images of Yoda as he was coming to be.

20160303_144508    20160303_130054 20160303_125736 20160302_233550 20160303_220041


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