Valentine’s Day Hearts

My second project was to create a small throng of read hearts. I used Red Heart E300.0319 Super Saver Economy Yarn, Cherry Red and youtube instructions from love4creativity. You can see the video embedded in the article below.

I used a range of hooks to generate the six different sizes in the pictures below. I made one sequentially with each my hooks from an F/5 (3.75mm) to a K/10.5 (6.50mm); I will note that Brian gifted me an Ergonomic J Hook which I used for the second largest of the hearts. As you can see I have six descending sizes, none of which are very large. You can see them on top of a Lindor Valentine Truffles Gift Box to get an idea of their size.


The six you see above became a gift for Cacia, while another throng of hearts made with my J Hook where gifted to Dillon (okay, I may have laid his out on a bed like rose petals) and Shawn Rae. On average a heart takes me 15 minutes to complete. After finishing the crocheting, the bulk of my time comes from interweaving the extra yarn into the back of the heart to give it its finished form. In fact my first heart, which I discarded, looked much more like a circle than a heart. I didn’t take the time to finish the back, but after working with the others I know realize I could have had one more heart.




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