TDTC or “Too Drunk to Crochet”

As is evident in the picture in our header banner, we like to crochet in non-traditional places.  A favorite of ours is at happy hour at the local CB & Potts.  Their happy hour is awesome, it’s not too crowded and the booths are big enough to have our crochet stuff in and not be too crammed in.



This presents a problem sometimes.  The place, like most bar establishments, isn’t lit very well, and once you get a couple drinks in you, it makes it very difficult to get anything done.  This has brought about a new Acronym and hashtag #TDTC  is now “Too drunk to Crochet”.

This level of inebriation allows you to be functional and cogent for most other activities, but especially when using a dark colored yarn and looking for back side single crochets, its near impossible.

The fact that other actions are easy to accomplish and crocheting is difficult can only lead me to one scientific empirical conclusion: Crocheting requires a higher brain function and consequently, people who crochet are smarter.

I expect to be publishing in the AMA Journal soon my findings, but I need a little more research (Pomegranate Long Island Ice Teas).



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