My First Project: A Hooded Scarf

deanna hood scarf 3

I had a Jo-Ann’s Gift Card.  It all started that way.  My wife after CHristmas wanted to get a couple things at the store.  I had always wanted to learn a “yarn art” like Knitting or crochet, but never got around to it, or thought everyone would think it was girly and make fun of me.

I finally decided to get past all that and dive in.  I work with my hands all day doing some repetitious activities, and sometimes would wake up in the morning with some numbness in my ring and pinky fingers.  I had read that activities like knitting and crocheting that used different muscles and varied dexterity could be good for that.

I bought I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting (Leisure Arts #4061): Updated Edition
, a couple hooks and a couple balls of Jo-Ann Brand Big Twist Oatmeal Yarn and set to figuring this out.

I did some practice swatches of various stitches like a single, half double and double, and after I felt like things were halfway consistent I started to make a scarf.  I saw a picture in Beginner-Friendly Crochet (6463)
of a hooded scarf, which is just like a scarf but has a seam stitched up the back in the middle so it can be put over your head like a hood also.  It didn’t seem too complicated and only used double crochets so I thought it’d be great practice.

I was SOOOOOOOO slow at first, and even though I thought I had practiced enough my lines were varying in thickness for a while.  After about 30 rows things settled in a lot easier, and I got it done.  My stitches with the yarn needle were I’m sure horrible but my wife said she liked it.  Next time I need to make it a little wider.  While she has a pony tail in, It’d slip off the back.  I think it turned out nice though.


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