6’4” of learning

This was my first project. Brian had taught me to chain, do singles, half doubles, and doubles. I chose not to look at a pattern (I would do that next for Valentine’s day) for this scarf. I wanted to try and create something from scratch and something for myself. I enjoyed working with doubles more than single stitches, so I decided that I would make a scarf for myself in doubles.


All in all, the project took me about two weeks, working here and there on the scarf. I utilized a variegated pattern which, I believe, looks rather well in its scarf form. I used two full skeins of yarn to get the scarf to be about 6’4” (I’m 6’5” and the scarf is just shorter than me). It was a great learning experience and now I have a nice warm (and looking) scarf that I keep in my car for when it gets cold.

Now when all was said and done, the scarf had some problems, like most first projects do. I decided that I would have rows of 25 double stitches. I started with rows of 25, I ended with a row of 25 and for some of the rest of the scarf I had 25 stitches per row. Being a novice I was neither counting rows, nor was I familiar enough with what the three chain stitches that I would need to keep height looked like. On more than one occasion I ended up continuing my doubles into the chain stitches of the previous row; causing the number of stitches in my rows to increase. When I did notice I was above 25 stitches in a row I did decrease in the following row, rather than restart the line. This, much like not counting, was a rookie move on my part.

The scarf provided me with yet another learning opportunity. The 25(ish) stitches in my rows ended up being longer than I needed for a scarf. In the picture below you see that I’ve actually folded the scarf in half with wise, before wrapping it around my neck.


I rather enjoy my first project. It gave me valuable insight on things not to do in the future, things to be cognizant of when planning a project, and helped me get much faster at crocheting in general. A skill that is serving me well as I learn to make more projects. As I share these with you, I believe you’ll also agree that I’m improving and making some fun gifts.


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