The continuing adventures of Crochet Puppy

On Tuesday I showed you the adorable amigurumi puppy I made for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  What you don’t know is the adventures he had on the way to his new home. About a week after I finished it, my daughter was playing with it all the time and “training” puppy to be a good boy for his new home.  We were constantly reminding her … Continue reading The continuing adventures of Crochet Puppy

Car Crocheting

454 miles lie between Cacia and Dillon’s homes. I left Sunday with Cacia to visit my friend Dillon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s spring break and today is Dillon’s first day on the job at his new position as a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital, so it seemed like a great time to visit. Cacia drove the vast majority of the time on our round trip … Continue reading Car Crocheting

My First Amigurumi: Baby Shower Puppy

Last week I posted the article about the Easter Bunny Surprise! I made for my little one, but that wasn’t the first little animal I had made.  My sister-In-Law, who lives in Tucson, is expecting a baby in April.  She had her baby shower last month and I decided it was a perfect time to make a gift for her.  Grandmas on both sides of … Continue reading My First Amigurumi: Baby Shower Puppy

Crochet Snow Day

Wednesday afternoons we normally go to a knitting/crochet circle at Alfalfa’s. Today there is 14 inches of snow, give or take, outside of the driveway. The snow is still coming down and a highway warning for cars without four wheel drive. Brian and Deanna have closed the shop due to the roads. I’m not sure we’ll make it Afalfa’s tonight and all in all today … Continue reading Crochet Snow Day

Simple Beanie: Bronco’s Style

Every year my business has a booth at the Colorado Music Educator’s Association conference.  I repair band and orchestra instruments, and it give us an opportunity to meet with our clients and hopefully get some new ones. During this conference we’re in a vendor’s hall all day, and there are long periods of downtime while the teachers are in their learning sessions.  Luckily, I remembered … Continue reading Simple Beanie: Bronco’s Style